Mission Drive

Another week and another venue. Team Blockgear have moved to a workshop (obviously, when I say “workshop” I mean garage) with all the 20th century perks. Power supply & lights. We don’t ask for much and when we get it we’re a happy bunch. Keith put the word around that we were in need and the grapevine has turned up trumps. It’s dry too with loads of space. Stepping in to the space for the first time we notice a roll of gaffer tape on one of the shelves – a sure sign that this was meant to be.

Construction of the body-work is now moving at pace. MDF is our new best friend. During the course of the evening passers-by stop and watch as we try and look like we know what we’re doing. It’s clearly not working as those same people shake their heads and move on silently. I wonder if Noah had the same problem when he was knocking together his ark?

Measured cries of “120”, “60”, “240” punch the air in bursts while cheap measuring tapes whip across MDF like snakes across the hot sands of the desert. Bit by bit the chassis is taking shape. These random pieces of wood now begin to slot together like part of an over-sized Airfix kit. Finally, we have something resembling our plans. A nose cone, a spoiler. Brilliant. We stand back and admire. Behind us a elderly chap with his dog stops. “Nice work, lads. What is it? A boat?”