Man and Machine As One

No gaffer tape in sight. It comes to something when gaffer tape has to give way to tacks and glue.  Today Team Blockgear were in build mode. MDF panels by the skip load. Industrial glue by the barrel load. Tacks by the bucket load. It is during sessions like these that you begin to uncover a lot about yourself. For example, the sobering realisation that there are limits to your DIY talents – that if your DIY skills were a part of pool of skills, you’d be splashing around in the shallow-end in arm-bands and a snorkel. But then, sometimes the equipment just works against you. Take the Industrial strength glue we’re using. Looks like masticated chewing gum when wet and when it dries it looks like the soles of a pair of 1970s dunlop plimsoles.  No matter where you try and put the glue it always ends up somewhere else. Usually on items of clothing. Shoes, sleeves, trousers. Or, if you’re really unlucky, hair. Industrial glue is a dangerous thing. It’s so quick drying that at times today Blockgear and their soapbox cart became one. On the day, that’s what we’ll be aiming for –  a heady cocktail of man and machine – soapbox and Man as one. But today, it was rather disconcerting to be reaching for a cup of tea only to find that you couldn’t because your left leg was attached to the chasis and your right hand was glued to the inside of your pocket.